Seeing farther without glasses.

There are too many hidden beaches, slate poolsides, snow-covered ski slopes and miles-from-nowhere campfires where glass is prohibited or just plain impractical. And since the answer to life was never at the bottom of a bottle anyway, our calling started to sound an awful lot like the cracking open of a canned wine.

Our Drop: Our Canned Wine.

There’s a breaking wave on every can of our wine. It represents what surfers call “The Drop” - that make-or-break decision to paddle directly into a wave as it breaks behind you. You’re either 100% in or you wipe-out. It’s the moment when anything is possible. 

We took a huge risk to make our wine. We raise our canned rosè, red and white as a toast to you as you chase The Drop you’re seeking - wherever you may find it. And we hope you take a can or two along with you.

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We're, like, famous famous

"It's light and refreshing, and something you'll want to sip all summer long."

“Light and crisp.” “Bright, citrusy, crisp.” “Fruity.” “Solid.”

"We’d sip this crisp, slightly fruity rosé all day."

"10 Most Refreshing Summer Wines"

"The Rose, a mix of Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel and Syrah, is bright and zesty."

"...make no mistake about it — rosé is here to stay."


We’re all about endless summer. But not in the climate change way.

We love wine. Like, loooove wine. And to make it, we need good soil, clean water and a healthy environment. So we care about our planet. (In fact, one of the reasons we put wine in a can is it lowers its carbon footprint, making it more efficient to ship.) And that’s why we’re also a proud contributor to 1% for the Planet.

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. They certify that every dollar contributed by companies like us go to a vetted, trusted environmental nonprofit. We are proud to say that 1% of all revenue (not profits!) from The Drop go to 1% for the Planet. So buy The Drop for your mama - Mama Earth, that is.

Work together, play together.

The Drop is an inherently social  company/crew. We’re wine! In a can! We’d love to share some wine with you. We’re always seeking affiliate brands, clubs, people and partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. We work hard and we play nice. Let’s talk about what we can do together.

1. For every sale you score, you’ll make a commission.

2. Major shoutouts. We don’t mind a little PDA, so we’ll be all about giving your social platforms some love. Posting your content and sending you traffic is a thrill for us both.

3. Free wine and free swag. We’ll make sure your weekend shenanigans are fully fueled.

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