Why did you put wine in a can?

Because we’re super classy, that’s why. Oh, and wine stays nice and fresh in lined cans. Plus it’s more portable and super convenient. Also, because if you open a 12 oz can you might drink the whole thing, but if you open a 750ml bottle, you might drink the whole thing. Plus, when you drop a can of Rose, you can still pick up a can of Rose and keep drinking it. Glass shards? Not so much.

Why would you drink wine out of a can?

You drink wine out of the can for the same reason you drink wine out of the bottle: because there’s cheese, or there’s art to look at, or beautiful people to be mingled with, or eligible bachelors, or eligible bachelorette parties, etc. Plus, all the reasons you wouldn’t drink wine out of a bottle: you’re on a beach where glass is prohibited, you’re at a sporting event where glass is discouraged, you’re on a train where corkscrews aren’t sold, etc.

Why are cans better than bottles?

We’re going to assume you mean cans full of wine, and say this: cans of wine don’t break, cans of wine come in single serve sizes and you’re selfish (no you’re not…), cans of wine have wine in them, cans of wine are portable, they fit in your pockets and don’t need extra equipment to open (looking at you, corkscrew).

What is the best place to drink The Drop?

The best place to drink The Drop is any place you drink wine! Also, any place you don’t drink wine. So, from column A: fancy parties, not-so-fancy parties, cheese tastings, brunch, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, gorgeous yachts, art openings and more. And from column B: Completely unfancy parties, late-night pizza slams, beer pong tournies, beach bonfires, in canoes and river floatation devices, etc.

Will I be able to Play the Piano if I drink Canned Wine?

That depends on two factors: Do you know how to play the piano? And how much canned wine are you planning on drinking? If the answers are “yes” and “enough to rid me of stage fright but not enough to incapacitate me (obligatory “drink The Drop responsibly”) then, yes. If not, then no.  

Does drinking The Drop canned rose, white and red make me more attractive?

We think so. It certainly will make others appear more attractive to you. And that’s honestly half the battle.

 I’m an oenophile. Can I drink The Drop?

Hang on. Let us check the dictionary. Oh, you mean, “you really like wine.” Gotcha. Yeah, you can drink The Drop. In fact, we’ve gotten some pretty good review for a canned wine here <hyperlink wine pub>, here <same> and here. Just keep your fancy words to yourself while you do.

How classy is classy as f#ck? I mean, I’m pretty classy...

Grab a can of wine. We suggest the Drop Rose, White or Red. Then, send us some sexts. We’ll be the judge of just how classy you really are.

Online Ordering

My card was charged, how do I know if you've received my order(s)?

As soon as an order is placed, and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email that contains all your order details. At this stage, we begin preparing your order for shipment.  

Can I add/remove items from my order after it's been confirmed / shipped?

Once an order has either been confirmed (not shipped yet) or shipped, we are unable to make changes to the order. Under rare occasions we may be able to change an order (swap items) if the order has yet to be shipped. 

What is your return policy? Can I return my order?

We currently only accept returns for damaged products, claimed within 14 days from the date of order. 

My order is confirmed, when will it ship?

We usually process and ship all orders the next business day. However, orders placed from Thursday - Sunday may wait to ship until Monday depending on the shipping location. We do so to avoid having the wine sit in extreme temperatures over the weekend. 

During holidays, and other high volume periods it may take longer to ship your order. You will always receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number. 

How long does shipping take?

Average transit time is 1-3 business days, dependent on carrier and other conditions such as weather, and other acts of nature. 

Does drinking The Drop canned rose, white and red make me more attractive?

We think so. It certainly will make others appear more attractive to you. And that’s honestly half the battle.

How can I track my order/shipment? My tracking isn't working...

You will receive an shipment confirmation email containing your tracking number. You click the "track my order" or copy/paste the tracking number at the carrier's site. If you have not received this email or cannot locate it, you can also track your order on our website here.  

If your tracking number isn't working or you don't see any updates on your shipment, please allow up to 24 hours for tracking information to be available from when received the shipment confirmation email. 

If it has been a few days, and there are still no updates, this will occasionally happen and is normal. If you are still unable to locate your order, get in touch with the shipping carrier with your tracking number for more information. You may also contact us for us to look into your order. 

Can I change my shipping address on an order that's been shipped?

Usually, we are unable to make changes to the order once it's been shipped. There is a very small window when it may be possible once an order has been confirmed. In the event that we are unable to update the shipping address, you can always get in touch with the shipping carrier and as the customer be able to update the shipping address. 

My order shows it's delivered, but it's missing.

Please double check your property/location. If there is a receiving/front desk/office/lobby in the building, courier will leave with them or Courier will sometimes get creative in hiding packages on the property. If you still can’t locate your order, please contact us as soon as possible. 

I received my order but it is incorrect or damaged.

Please contact us regarding your order, and we will certainly work with you to rectify any incorrect or damaged orders. 

Do you ship to PO/APO/Military Personnel addresses?

We currently do not ship to PO, APO, or Military Personnel addresses.  

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