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The Drop is an inherently social company/crew. We’re wine! In a can! We’d love to share some wine with you. We’re always seeking affiliate brands, clubs, people and partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. We work hard and we play nice. Let’s talk about what we can do together.

  1. For every sale you score, you’ll make a commission.
  2. Major shoutouts. We don’t mind a little PDA, so we’ll be all about giving your social platforms some love. Posting your content and sending you traffic is a thrill for us both.
  3. Free wine and free swag. We’ll make sure your weekend shenanigans are fully fueled.


We're, like, famous famous

"It's light and refreshing, and something you'll want to sip all summer long."

“Light and crisp.” “Bright, citrusy, crisp.” “Fruity.” “Solid.”

"We’d sip this crisp, slightly fruity rosé all day."

"10 Most Refreshing Summer Wines"

"The Rose, a mix of Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel and Syrah, is bright and zesty."

"...make no mistake about it — rosé is here to stay."

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