Boozy Halloween Costumes We Love

1. Captain and Coke

Set sail to a sea of rum this Halloween. What, like you had other plans? We have a theory that being any sort of captain comes with a level of authority, so you might even get served faster at the bar.


2. Beer Pong

If you’re a competitive athlete in the world of alcoholic sports, well we’ve basically found your lucky socks. Live up to your athletic hopes and dreams; be the ball (and the cup?).


3. Oktoberfest

We all know what Halloween is actually for in the adult world; alcohol. So let’s get inspired by one event that is dedicated to just that. Don’t just think of it as a costume, this is your drinking uniform invented by the professionals themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.13.48 AM.png

4. Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World

As a child on Halloween, adults would dress up as him. When beer bottles think he’s thirsty they open themselves. He can break a Kit Kat bar with just his gaze. Make the right choice, the most interesting costume choice (In the world).


5. Boxed Wine

It goes without saying that canned wine is best, but we are big supporters of those who paved the way for us. Breaking the bottle and stepping into the box was a huge move, so why not take some inspiration for your costume. Pairs well with friends, and copious amounts of any wine.




The Drop's 5 Reasons Day Drinking is Healthy

1. Cardio

There comes a moment, many of them really while day drinking, when you taste that last drop of sweet rosè wine and need to find more. So what do you do next? You walk to the bar. Do it enough times, and your Fitbit might even reach it's step goal.


2. Balance Strengthening

  This comes into play when you finally stand up to do the “hopping” part of Sunday Funday.  You realize it isn’t cool to stumble in broad daylight. Almost magically, you then transform from four wines deep Mike to Simone Biles back flipping off a balance beam. Engage that core, Mike. 


3. Brain Training

After three bars in six hours, it’s been quite the day. You and your friends decide it’s time to take a little break, and somehow you get left behind. Your problem solving skills kick in. 1. Where the F*ck are you? 2. Where’s your phone? 3. Where’s the closest place to get dumplings?


4. Balancing Your Diet

The last time we checked, that weird food pyramid does include fruits. Everyone has been over this before, but wine is made of grapes. So do your health a favor, get day drunk on wine - red, white or rosé will do - and get those fruit servings in..


5. Heart Health

It’s more than just the heart health in those tannin-rich wines. Ever since you graduated college, these drinking days are like pure liquid GOLD. You and the crew haven’t seen each other in over a month and it’s been getting you down. Do your heart a favor, go drink together.




The Drop’s Favorite Drinking Games

We all love to drink (Rosè, white and red wines are our personal prefs), and it
should be entertaining enough watching your friends embarrass themselves with
their own drunken personalities. Sometimes though, a little friendly competition
doesn’t hurt to spice up the party. These are The Drop’s 5 favorite drinking games to
guarantee a good time. Don’t worry; we’ve done extensive testing with a certain
canned rosé. 

1. Cheers Governor

A simple game that with time gets incredibly complicated – in the best way. Drinkers sit in a circle and one-by-one count from 1 to 21. Each time the sequence is finished the person who reaches 21 gets to create a new rule for one of the numbers that everyone must remember. Whoever messes up and forgets a rule first has to drink, and start over back at number 1. Who knew memory training and drinking could go hand in hand?


2. Flip Cup

A classic use of the red solo cup, and easy to follow instructions (based loosely on the game name). Two teams of an equal number go head to head finishing their drinks and successfully flipping their cup upside down. Whichever team finishes the relay first wins bragging rights, and will probably challenge again due to cockiness. 


3. Quarters

All you need is a shot glass and some pocket change and we can promise entertainment all night long. Simply take turns bouncing a quarter off a table and into a shot glass. Whoever is successful chooses another player to drink. Very little skill required, but we’ve heard rosé drinking helps. 


4. Most Likely To

Best Played with the best of friends, since you probably know all their embarrassing stories and secrets. Players take turns announcing a “most likely to” title, and on the count of three everyone points to the player that they think should win. You drink if you get more than one person pointing at you. 


5. Beer Pong

Arguably the toughest drinking game around, this one requires real hand-eye coordination. But instead of playing pingpong to win, you play to get your serve into the number of cups placed in your opponents court. The twist we like best though is replacing beer with rosé. Ours belongs in a can, but it really is just as fun in a red Solo cup. Skill is required to play, but wins usually increase with more alcohol. 




The Drop's Top 5 NYC Spots To Booze This Weekend

Grab a can of Rosé and cheers to the freakin’ weekend. At The Drop we believe that almost any hour should be happy hour, but those two magical days at the end of the week do hold a special place in our livers. This is the list of our top five favorite spots that you can booze at this weekend in NYC. Five bars in 48 hours? Sounds like a standard couple of days to us.


1. Rare View chelsea | 152 W 26th St, Manhattan, New York 10001

Going topless isn’t for everyone, so it’s a good thing this bar has a retractable roof. Rare View Chelsea let’s us booze with a view, and carry on ignoring the weatherman.



2. Boat Basin Café | W 79TH St, New York, New York 10024, United States

When you put wine in a can, it’s hard not to love a twist on the traditional. So obviously when we find a restaurant built on a boat basin, we go.



3. American Whiskey | 247 W 30th St New York, New York 10001

Although we’re partial to wine, we do appreciate a committed relationship to any type of alcohol. I mean America does know how to party, might as well head to a bar named after it. 



4. Rochelle’s | 205 Chrystie St, Manhattan, New York, New York 10002

Tattoos and mustaches not required, but preferred. There’s no real dress code at Rochelle’s, just prepare to wear that post-shot grimace once or twice. Don’t worry, you can chase with wine.  



5. Shay&Ivy | 39 W 24th St, Manhattan, New York, New York 10010

We can’t remember the last time we had a boozy weekend that didn’t include brunch. That also may or may not be from drinking too much. Catch us at Shay&Ivy for probably breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.