What goes together better than the Super Bowl and alcohol? Nothing. It’s like an eagles win and climbing poles. Philly cops are now Crisco’s biggest client. Or Tom Brady and avoiding inflammatory vegetables. Totally right there with you Tommy (*eats pizza bites*). 

This Super Bowl Sunday we’ve created the best drinking game for the people that don’t only care about the Pats or the Eagles. We all know what you’re after. Millions of dollars sunken into moments of creative genius. The commercials. We laugh, we cry, so here’s how to get the most out of that emotional rollercoaster. 

  1. Take 5 sips for every cute fluffy animal used to bait your love for some sort of snack food/car/cleaner/etc. 

  2. Finish your drink for whatever Beer company is trying to convince you that beer is the ultimate beverage (clearly they haven’t heard about us yet).

  3. Take 3 sips for every ad with a celebrity. Add 2 more sips you hear or see Morgan Freeman. He’s a national treasure and should not be kept from us.

  4. Take 2 sips if the commercial ends and you actually still don’t understand what it was advertising.

  5. Finish your drink if the commercial cuts off and they make you wait for the other half either later in the show or online. It’s rude and frustratingly intriguing all at once. 

  6. Take 5 sips for an ad focused on climate change/female empowerment and you feel the need to become an activist immediately when you wake up in the morning.  

  7. Take a sip if an ad basically makes you want to cry. Don’t worry, it’s definitely the wine talking.

  8. Take 5 sips if an ad tells you to interact with them on social media. Then tweet your heart out to win that HGTV dream house giveaway. 

Please drink responsibly.