The Holidays are always a little ~extra~. The lights, décor, binge drinking with your uncle that’s been wearing the same light-up holiday tie since your birth. So let us help you make it through this holiday season with a bit of sanity, and an appropriate amount of cheer. 

1. Lighting

Wrap yourself in cheer this season, and by cheer we mean twinkle lights, and by twinkle lights we mean the attention you’ve been craving since you SO conveniently became single just before the holidays. Just pray it’s a conversation starter that distracts family from asking you about your love life. Who needs a Christmas tree, or hand holding, use that money on wine. 

christmas 1.JPG

2. Holiday Scents

Scientists say that smells trigger memories (Wikipedia). So let The Stinky Candle Company bring up your most cheerful holiday memories. With scents like clean puppy and corn chips, one whiff sends you straight back to the Christmas your brand new yellow lab was left unattended for 15 seconds, and devoured an entire bag of Tostitos. Ah, sweet mems.

click to find your christmas mem

click to find your christmas mem

3. Chill Activities

You can always count on holiday party clean up. Whether you host the whole extended family, or a family of holiday snacks on the couch, there will be a mess. So make the process a little more cheerful, and enlist the help of the fam. While your at it, watch the video below of a cat riding around on a Roomba, then promptly try to recreate it yourself.

click for entertaining tutorial

click for entertaining tutorial

4. Food Hacks

Remember last year scouring the internet for trade-free organic cocoa beans, and then tediously grinding them for a perfect cup of cocoa? Yeah no, never mind we don’t either. Instead remember that the guys over at Swiss Miss have all our backs and put cheer into packets. Just know that when the cooking directions say add “water” they probably actually mean “whole milk”.

click for packaged cheer

click for packaged cheer

5. Drinking

When all else fails to bring holiday cheer, wine will rescue you. Aunt Linda and her back handed compliments are no match for a nice chilled can of Rosé. We’ve got you covered for all the seasons; especially the one that tests you the most.