1. Cardio

There comes a moment, many of them really while day drinking, when you taste that last drop of sweet rosè wine and need to find more. So what do you do next? You walk to the bar. Do it enough times, and your Fitbit might even reach it's step goal.


2. Balance Strengthening

  This comes into play when you finally stand up to do the “hopping” part of Sunday Funday.  You realize it isn’t cool to stumble in broad daylight. Almost magically, you then transform from four wines deep Mike to Simone Biles back flipping off a balance beam. Engage that core, Mike. 


3. Brain Training

After three bars in six hours, it’s been quite the day. You and your friends decide it’s time to take a little break, and somehow you get left behind. Your problem solving skills kick in. 1. Where the F*ck are you? 2. Where’s your phone? 3. Where’s the closest place to get dumplings?


4. Balancing Your Diet

The last time we checked, that weird food pyramid does include fruits. Everyone has been over this before, but wine is made of grapes. So do your health a favor, get day drunk on wine - red, white or rosé will do - and get those fruit servings in..


5. Heart Health

It’s more than just the heart health in those tannin-rich wines. Ever since you graduated college, these drinking days are like pure liquid GOLD. You and the crew haven’t seen each other in over a month and it’s been getting you down. Do your heart a favor, go drink together.